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good morning 6:00 on this monday hope you had a great weekend. i'm kristen sze. and i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. clouds almost everywhere except east bay not as many there nor in the napa valley you will get some over the next hour or two, doppler not showing much moisture in those clouds. coast cloudy off to a grey start 7:00, low to mid 50s breezy by noonú0cr into 4:00, a few slivers of sun mid to upper 50s by 7:00. around the bay cloudy, low clouds especially from 48 to 54 at 7:00, sunny by 4:00, low 60s to low 70s, inland starts 40s and 50s this morning noon sunny by 4:00 in the low to upper 70s. cooler than yesterday.
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here's sue. good morning. update earlier accident el cerrito five-car crash at cutting on to the right, live look this is past university headed westbound. traffic is getting heavier into the macarthur maze. not too bad past the scene still a little slowing, little under the limit 80 west near cutting that accident cleared to the right. coming downtown howard remains closed all week for the dream force convention, heavy off of 101 at third street and anywhere south of market. :02. the peninsula school damaged by a large fire is set to reopen to students and staff morning. kira klapper joins us live in beechwood school in menlo park. >> reporter: good morning. students and staff will be back this morning in just a few hours from now, days after a huge fire tore through a
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portion of this private school. you can see extensive flames, abc7 news brought it to you first live thursday morning as crews battled flames for several hours. the fire department got a wrong address about the original location. once they did arrive, they had a hard time fighting the fire because the roof collapsed in the structure early on in this raging fire. administrative offices and a third grade classroom were destroyed they were in a portable building. the fire department says a short circuit in an electrical stove in the teachers' break room ignited the blaze. cleanup the last few days, damage estimated in the $400,000 rage a that is the latest here from beechwood school where again -- kira klapper, abc7 news. today marks first anniversary of the occupy movement in new york city where it all started on september 17th, 2011, occupy
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wall street protests are surrounding the new york stock exchange and other financial financial institution targets you are looking at zuccotti park there. in san francisco now occupy protesters are camped out at the bank of america building on california street. amy hollyfield will have much more. >> search continues this morning for the gunman who shot and killed a man in broad daylight in the mission district. the shooting happen at 26th and treat streets after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a crowd gathered at the scene when officers arrived, police say the gunman ran after he opened fire. tonight san jose leaders holding two different meetings focused on the city's crime problem first 6:30 east san jose hosted by the police union and other labor groups on how to protect family and
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property. at 7:00 the city council holds a study session on the police response to recent crimes and gang activity. both sides are at odds over the cause of san jose's spike in crime. tomorrow the san francisco municipal transportation agency considers a plan to redesign a stretch of masonic avenue to make it more safe for die sick lists. the examiner details the changes that are partially the result of two fatal crashes in the past two years. including the death of a german tourist who was hit by a drunk driver. if approved, the agency will look for funding for the 18 million dollar project that replaces two traffic lanes between geary boulevard and fell street, with bike paths and a center median. one of the main arrival runways at sfo scheduled to reopen two hours from now following weekend closure. crews spent the weekend lengthning the runway and installing new lights. the work lead to hourlong delays during peak hours. construction will shutdown the
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runway again during the weekends of september 21st and 28th. regardless of that, looks like we are starting with delays again. >> typically, based on whether going through sfo. >> hour flight arrival delays into sfo, we'll repeat this next couple of mornings clouds will be the dominant knack for in the forecast. visibility 10 miles in the horizontal, vertical hanging a little lower and thicker. marine layer 2,000 feet thick this morning. that means it is going to push over the east bay hills into the east bay valleys, you will probably see the biggest cooling trend today, 70s, 80s inland valleys, mid 60s to barely low 70s around the bay, upper 50s, mid to upper 50s along the coast to near 60 at half moon bay and san francisco. a little breezy along the long coast. monterey bay 62 monterey upper 60s the rest of the bay inland to salinas, mid to upper 70s
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for hollister and morgan hill. today, tomorrow, wednesday the three coolest days in the forecast, a little rebound by thursday, temperatures below average the next couple of days. feels like fall outside. here's sue. good morning. if you are headed to the bay bridge toll, this is what it looks like at this hour. no metering lights -- i should say metering lights on, you can see that. best way to go would be your carpool or your fastrak, those lanes are breezing right on by. sluggish upper deck into san francisco as you head downtown. here's a look at san jose, light, headlights snaking through on their way towards cupertino highway 17 overcrossing, no problem out of the santa cruz mountains either. this is san rafael, lucas valley road out of novato towards freitas parkway at the limit, no delays into san francisco on the golden gate bridge, no roadwork this monday morning through marin
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county that will probably pick up overnight. earlier accident in richmond westbound 80 at cutting cleared, just a little residual slowing past the scene. 6:08. die-hard apple fans prove loyalty. long lines forming for the new iphone that comes out friday. we just got minutes ago the preorder sales figures that prove just what a blockbuster this phone is. keeping your car tires clean. it can be a dirty job. michael finney ahead with the products making it easy. ment
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good morning. thank you for joining us, 6:12. you are looking live from our hd roof cam you can see the bay bridge and fog clouds mike says thicker today meaning cooler today socked in at the airport as well mike will have updates on flight delays at sfo as the sun starts to come up and we get a clearer picture. >> right now this update. apple announced this morning that it sold more than two million preorders for the iphone 5 in the first 24 hours. double the number from last year's launch of the. found 4s making it the -- launch the iphone 4s making it the faster ever. die-hard fans camping out many missed out on last week's
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preorder so if they want one in friday when the phone goes on steal this is one option. other places that may have some units friday include wal-mart, best buy, radioshack, at&t, verizon and sprint >> keeping a car clean isn't only about good looks it is about maintaining your car's value. michael finney has a report on the benefit wheel cleaner. >> reporter: good morning. one of the toughest jobs is cleaning your car's wheels. consumer reports shows tested special cleaners that claim to make that job easier at this storage facility upscale cars get top notch service the owner makes sure his team pays special attention to the wheels. >> every time you hit the brakes, brake dust gets on the wheels, a rock chips the wheel, every time it rains the road gunk gets on the wheel. $d >> reporter: while few of us have extra cars in storm, keeping your wheels clean can
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prevent them from getting damaged. consumer reports testified five cleaners designed for kleining wheels from names like amourall and black magic promised to get rid of brake dust and crime, anywhere from $5 to $7. to test bernie took before pictures and then went to work he wiped off some dirt for the record applied each cleaner as directed and waited. he rinsed and wiped the tire with a second cloth so he could compare before and after dirt. >> during the test i didn't use a brush because i wanted to see how well the product itself worked. >> reporter: none of the products delivered dazzling results without brushing. to get that required scrubbing. >> there are better options. if you are going to have to brush to get good results you might as well start with a less expensive product.
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>> reporter: the degreaser he used cost $10 for a gallon, pennies per wheel. headlights are another car part that need special attention. many of today's classic covers cloud up and disclover over time that cuts down on visibility. consumer reports tests of headlight cleaners found sylvania's it can performed the best. a+ and it works on different types of headlights. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> we don't wash our cars. [ talking over each other ] >> 11-year-old minivan the lights are clouding over my son drives it now so we want to make sure he can see. and the environmental impacts of those cleaners you have to watch out for.
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>> another story itch visibility good or clouds? >> clouds -- thicker not handling to the ground as much as they were the last couple of days not misty out there this morning. looking from mount tamalpais at thick clouds, live doppler 7 hd will reinforce the fact that there is not drizzle, rain, not even mist. san rafael now at 49°, santa rosa and napa 50, fairfield 51, everybody else in the mid to upper 50s, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland cloudy. because of thicker clouds, slower sunshine, cooler conditions, sea breeze stronger helping drop those temperatures, coolest tomorrow and wednesday, not tremendous warming trend not as cool thursday, friday and saturday. today compared to average, everybody is below, livermore 82, two degrees below napa 77, five san jose 74, eight
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degrees below average. redwood city san francisco 11° cooler. some of the cloud cover still hanging around making a push starting to pull out by 9:00, back to the coast by noon, pocket or of two sunshine cloudy at the coast cooling trend begins for all of us today with 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. a little spread. south bay 78 los gatos, everybody else low to mid 70s, peninsula mid to upper 60s, farther south palo alto 70, 60 half moon bay, pacifica and sunset at 58. low to mid 60s, downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid 70s to the north bay valleys, 58 bodega bay, east bay shore -- mid 70s to
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mid 80s east bay valleys brentwood 86, gilroy 82, everybody else back to the bay in the 60s. big game tonight. intradivision, i think i said interleague last time, 57, cool at the beginning of the game 7:15, dropping to 50 four by 10:00. -- to 54 by 10:00. around the bay cool conditions tomorrow and wednesday slight warming trend thursday, friday, saturday cool again sunday. good morning if your drive takes from you novato through marinwood and past lucas valley road that's what it looks like pretty light, so far, so good past the civic center into southern marin waldo to the golden gate bridge fog-free and light, four lanes in the southbound direction headed into san francisco, no delays there.
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sluggish past golden gate fields on 80 west into the macarthur maze. earlier accident cutting in richmond that has been cleared. very slow out of antioch from highway 160 towards hillcrest, once you get to hillcrest picks up on to concord westbound highway 4, very slow out of the central valley towards the altamont pass, under 20 miles an hour from the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area still 25 minutes there. traffic taking a look at drive times, 80 westbound highway 101 and south bay and southbound out of santa rosa. ahead, zombies take over the weekend box office. >> alex smith's bloody nose wasn't enough to stop the 9ers from victory.
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the 49ers are 2-0 after winning home opener against the lions. quarterback smith connected with davis for a touchdown in the first drive of the game, the first of two td catches for davis. gore ran for 89 yards, couple penalties against the lions lead to a one yard touchdown.
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9ers win 27-19. >> in miami, the raiders started well against the dolphins, palmer gets it goes 65 yards for the touchdown laiders led 10-7 at the half downhill from in. bush went off in the second half and four tackles for a touchdown bush gained 172 yards on the ground for two touchdowns. raiders fall to 0-2 losing 35-13. they will host steelers next sunday. resident evil retribution proves the fifth time is a charm. number one at the box office this weekend earning more 21 million dollars topped 3-d release of finding nemo which opened in second place, 17 1/2 million. possession third place,
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lawless in fourth, and paranorman wraps up top five. the legal action britain's royal family is take after topless photos of kate middleton are published for the world to see. at home smoke fills a san francisco bart station the explosion responsible and scramble to get service back to normal. accused burglary suspect
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv blood cast center this is abc7 news. good morning, -- monday :29 thanks for starting your day with us and beautiful picture from vollmer peak in the east bay hills you see all those clouds as lovely as they look from this advantage point that is going to cool down your temperatures this week. mike will have the full forecast coming up. i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. we want to hear about those clouds. >> sfo flight arrival delays, from the 50s to the 80s inland. things looking different flight arrival delays of nearly an newer sfo clouds there.
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first -- coast going to stay cloudy all day 50s may get to 60 with a few pockets of sunshine by 4:00. around the bay, a lot of sunshine by noon, 60s to low 70s, top out in the low 60s to low 70s, as you head into the valleys, starting off in the 40s and 50s, a few clouds low to upper 70s by 4:00. not good on the bay bridge. good morning. westbound metering lights on the other reason it is so backed up, accident on the incline section lane two expect delays right now backed well beyond the west grand overcrossing. nasty accident vacaville westbound 80 mason car traveling eastbound flipped over the center divide now landed in the westbound direction. if you are expecting someone through the vacaville area expect delays there as well. today marks the one year
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anniversary of the occupy movements marches and rallies planned in more than 30 cities, including san francisco. a scene from new york city a short while ago this morning demonstrators surrounding financial institutions. about an hour ago they marched to the new york stock exchange. police used barricades to keep them from getting inside. you can see they had bullhorns out, making some arrests, dozens arrested since the weekend. it started last year september 17th, 2011 when protesters gathered at new york city's zuccotti park. the mayor sent police into the plaza to evict the demonstrators. the most petered out. at home several occupy events are scheduled in san francisco and other bay area cities. amy hollyfield joins us from the financial district. >> reporter: big plans for today. one group has a jump on the day they've been camped out at
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kearny and california overnight occupying the plaza in front of 555 california building. they say, don't be fooled by their size. they are small in number today, right now but they say they believe this movement is still going strong. this is a far cry from the crowds that we saw at the beginning of the occupy movement, especially in oakland and in san francisco, the protesters we saw then were very enthusiastic in their crew side against what they call the 1%. some protests turned violent, there were clashes with police and disagreement among the movement over whether that is a successful way to get the message across. the group occupying this plaza this morning says they prefer strategic nonviolence that's how they plan to protest. they say they consider this past year a success. >> the summary of the year is occupy has made huge progress. we've changed the dialogue in the country. people are talking about
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things that they never talked about before. now, we're growing as a movement, transitioning. >> reporter: i asked this group, what is a bank employee to do when they pass in group on their way into work? they said they hope people will put profits -- will put people before profits, me. they suggest people quit their job at a big bank and work for maybe a credit union instead. and focus on people. there will be protests throughout the day, all across the bay area, one scheduled for in berkeley in front of wells fargo building several in san francisco, including one at noon in front of the war memorial building on van ness all going to culminate 5:00 this afternoon, something to think about for the evening commute, right here in the financial district there will be a march and rally right here at 555 california street. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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this morning, beechwood school in menlo park will reopen after a fire ripped through the private school last week. we brought it to you first thursday morning, flames erupted at the school on terminal avenue, destroying administrative offices and third grade classroom. the fire department says the cause was a faulty kitchen appliance. fortunately, many records were in salvageable condition k people were asked to shelter-in-place for a couple of hours because of a possible haz-mat situation a resident reported a chemical smell in the lobby of a building last night. fires and haz-mat team were dispatched they asked residents to stay inside their homes will they investigated. they couldn't locate the source of the smell so the shelter-in-place was lifted. this morning oakland man an -- under arrest after breaking into a san leandro
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home over the weekend on the 100 block of oaks boulevard saturday night. the homeowner heard him come in and confronted mack in his house the two fought and the homeowner held him down until police got there. mack was arrested for burglary and taken to jail. the homeowner says we was not hurt in the confrontation. bart service back to normal this morning after electrical short circuit forced evacuation of civic center station in san francisco. bart riders reported loud explosion and smoke in the station around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. that brought a massive response from police, fire, including the bomb squad. police quickly determined nothing criminal happened. bart tells us, something came in contact with the third rail causing the system to short circuit. daughter of a retired san francisco firefighter is in nebraska this morning looking for her dad. 69-year-old charles dowd has been missing since friday. his daughter describes him as fiercely independent. he was taking amtrak to
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chicago with plans to travel on to canada do meet his son, but never made it to the windy city and may have been spotted getting off the train in omaha. his daughter says he stormly stays in touch and she is very concerned. in napa county no signs of a fisherman who fell into the napa river over the weekend. the 26-year-old of san francisco plunged off the bridge into the river around 2:45 sunday morning. rescuers call often search late yesterday. he had been fishing with a friend. fires combed the banks of the river yesterday looking for him, a coast guard helicopter scoured the area from the sky. both coast guard and sheriff's office said they would not resume the search unless new evidence was found. you can see we have clouds behind us, coverage steams extensive what will that mean for temperatures? >> and travel. >> good question, hour flight arrival delays into sfo,
6:37 am
san jose and oakland on time. key to the forecast, winds fair wield out -- fairfield out of the southwest, stout sea breeze, you don't see the sea breeze as in the lower levels around mountain view, sfo, novato and santa rosa up to 2,000 feet so blowing over top of reporting stations because it is, means it going to blow into the east bay valleys and bring you most significant drop in temperatures today. trough of low pressure, curl counterclockwise, area of low that is developing this trough and also the sea breeze, 600 mile as it is going to see a significant in our weather, as it drews near tomorrow and wednesday, those will be our coolest days in the forecast. as warm as it gets low to mid 80s east bay valleys, most of us in the 70s inland, 60s bay shore, 50s coast, near 60 at half moon bay. as you head to the monterey bay, mainly 60s, inland, mid
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to upper 70s, gilroy the exception at 82. tomorrow, wednesday, temperatures drop another two to four degrees, thursday we start to see a slow rebound, still cooler than average. time for traffic here's sue. not so good towards the bay bridge live shot of the incline section you can see it is moving well towards treasure island. behind the scenes you can see the traffic is jammed because there is an accident at the incline after the metering lights in lane 2. bumper-to-bumper behind the bay bridge barely moving backing into the macarthur may. san mateo bridge good commute taillights towards the highrise foster city towards hayward 15 minute drive from either side of the bay. not good in vacaville serious accident westbound at mason car traveling eastbound flipped to the westbound side now blocking a lane of
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traffic. hayward southbound 880 accident at tennison, median as well. trading is underway on wall street now. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow is flat, down one point. first, legal action britain's royal family is take after topless photos of kate middleton surfaced. daytime dish for mitt romney and his wife ann right here on abc7 when you can watch them chat it up with kelly ripa and her new co-host michael strahan and the political mission behind this appearance. >> hi everyone it was the summer of shades. 50 shades that made things a lot hotter. today i'm talking with the author of that titilating trilogy. what motivated her to write this book? where did she learn all this stuff? who does she think should play grey on the big screen?
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also why husbands across america are calling it "50 shades of
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welcome back. cooler monday in the 50s coast, 60 half moon bay and san francisco mid to upper 60s bay shore, 70s inland, 80s east bay valleys, a little below average, live doppler quiet across the state.
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90s through the central valley up in yosemite, 101 hot springs, san diego and l.a. afternoon sun, upper 70s to low 80s, tahoe sunny and 76. what is trending on twitter in the bay area: hash tag ows for occupy wall street as we've been reporting today is the first anniversary of occupy movement. events in san francisco, new york and other u.s. cities. also trending, jewish today is the first full day of rosh hashanah, jewish new year began last night and ends tomorrow night. follow us at abc7 news bay area for the latest. now let's check in with amy for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7 a.m.. good morning. caught on tape, video that has shocked the world 300 pound gorilla playing with a toddler. this morning the little girl who is now all grown-up joins
6:45 am
us live with her father, why did they do it? next on gma. three crewmembers from the international space station are pwhaoepblg on terra firma this morning. they landed last night which today in kazakhstan after spending more than four months in space this is video from the soyuz as the astronauts undocked from the space station. they had been in orbit since may. new this morning, royal family taking legal action against the photographer who snapped topless pictures of prince william's wife. spoke man for st. james palace says lawyers for prince william and the duchess of cambridge will file an official complaint today. lawyers have already sought injunction against the french company that published the photos. legal action is not detering the publisher, another magazine published the pictures today. anti-american fury expanding across the muslim world this morning, demonstrators took to the
6:46 am
streets of kabul, afghanistan still protesting an anti-islam film, produced in southern california posted on youtube. in pakistan, police fired tear gas and cannons on protesters who broke through a barricade near the u.s. consulate. u.s. authorities say last week's attack in libya was not planned but a spontaneous protest that was hijacked by a few heavily armed mobsters. libya's interim president suggests it may have been al-qaeda. new online article detailing uncertainy in mitt romney's campaign. politico reporting that top strategists for romney tossed out his acceptance speech for the ran national convention, eight days before he was set to deliver it. that started a scramble that lead to bringing in speechwriters that work for president george w. bush and dick cheney. last minute changes left romney little time to practice. general motors a will have much more on the story come --
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"good morning america" will have much more on the story at 7:00. >> tomorrow morning catch mitt romney and his wife ann in a new interview on live with kell any and michael. the couple taped the interview in new york friday in what many regard as attempt to offer more personal insight into their marriage. tomorrow morning 9:00, right here on abc 7. iphone preorders shattering all previous records. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. apple shares moving higher again another record here this morning. apple right now trading just under $700, up about 1%. apple says preorders of the iphone 5 topped two million units in the first day of trading, more than double the sales record set by the previous model. people already out in front of apple's flagship store here in new york on fifth avenue with sleeping bags, waiting for friday when the iphone 5 goes
6:48 am
on sale in stores. lots of people outside the new york stock exchange today, occupy wall street protesters are back marking one year anniversary of the movement. i hear there's at least a couple hundred perhaps up to 1,000, a couple blocks away. the perimeter of the stock exchange secured, lots of police some on horses. there are lines to get into wall street the workers trying to get to work and through the police barricades. markets today lower after gains last week after the fed move on economic stimulus and the bloomberg index up slightly. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. pretty noisey southside the new york stock exchange with all the occupy action. inside you can see things are calm. >> moving ahead as planned. >> things are calm for us too, right? >> yeah, other than the cloud cover causing some flight
6:49 am
arrival delays, pretty quiet, beautiful sunrise just about to show itself. vollmer peak the sun is about to come obvious over mount diablo. live doppler 7 hd definitely see the clouds no radar returns unless you are driving up into the clouds it is really dry. flirting with 40s san rafael, 49 napa, 50 same santa rosa 51 fairfield everybody else mid to upper 50s. mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland stubborn cloud cover because the clouds are stubborn slow sunshine and cooler. tomorrow, wednesday won't be as cool. today 60 san francisco, 76 santa rosa concord 78, fremont
6:50 am
72. oakland three degrees down to 66. los gatos 78, peninsula start at 70 palo alto mid to upper 60s. 60 half moon bay along the coast daly city 59, 60 downtown, mid 60s -- [ unintelligible ] mainly mid to upper 60s through most of the east bay shore union city fremont low 70s castro valley and hercules mid 70s east bay valleys from 76 dublin, 86 brentwood, 82 gilroy everybody else in the 70s monterey bay low to upper 60s. today at&t park cool rockies in town to take on giants 7:15 already 57° dropping to 54 by the time the game ends. 40s north bay valleys.
6:51 am
trough of low pressure gets closer onshore breeze stiffer temperatures more tuesday and wednesday low backs off, warming trend thursday through saturday cooler for the back half of the weekend. big problems at the bay bridge accident on the incline section here's a live look from the macarthur maze and 80 westbound bumper-to-bumper all the way to gilman 80 westbound you can see it is jammed into the toll plaza here's wait looks like when you get to the toll plaza, i just spoke with caltrans they say the accident is still on the incline lane 2. major delays behind the bay bridge from 80 westbound this morning. elsewhere hayward area accident northbound 880 and separate accident in the southbound direction past tennison blocking the two left lanes, slow traffic through the hayward area. in the vacaville area 80 west past allison, accident car
6:52 am
heading eastbound flipped over the center divide into the westbound direction, now traffic very slow until they get that cleared out in the vacaville area. new concerns this morning about kids and salt. according to the cdc, american children eat just as much salt as adults about 1,000 milligrams too much everyday. already creating health problems according to the study, 15% of kids have high blood pressure. the study is published online in the journal of pediatrics. new reason for parents to pay close attention to whether their kids are sexting. study suggests it is a gate way to risky sexual behavior in teens. high school students who sent texts and images were more likely to have unprotected sex. other students who reported using cell phone daily, 15% admitted to sexting. if you have cold feet before your wedding it may be
6:53 am
an indicator you will walk away from the . researchers just released findings of four year study. 19% of women who had doubts before the wedding were divorced four years later. for men, 14% who reported they had doubts split. that study is published online in the journal of family psychology. here's five things to know before you go: number one, demonstrations planned in san francisco and berkeley today to mark the first anniversary of the occupy movement. a few demonstrators are camped out in the financial district. in new york city thousands are trying to block the entrance to the new york stock exchange. so far not getting in. >> number two, beechwood school in menlo park will reopen after fire ripped through the private school last week. we brought you the first live coverage of flames at the terminal avenue school. faulty kitchen appliance is being blamed.
6:54 am
most students records were saved. >> number three, daughter of retired san francisco firefighter in nebraska looking for her father 69-year-old charles dowd has been missing since friday and needs his medicine many he was traveling to chicago on amtrak en route to see his son but never made it. that i gotten off -- >> number four, bart says back to normal at the civic center station in san francisco, after a scary situation yesterday. high voltage short circuit after something touched the third rail. riders reported loud explosion which brought out police and fire, nobody was hurt. you can see the scorch marks on the wall. >> number five, an apple sold more than two million preorderses to iphone 5 in the first 24 hours, double the number of last year's launch of 4s. fans are lining up outside the
6:55 am
flagship store in new york if i for a chance to buy a new iphone 5 when it goes on sale friday. who knows if there will be enough for everyone. few minutes to go until the top of the hour. good morning. look at live doppler 7 hd, cloud cover hanging around. about 2,000 feet thick, the marine layer going to take longer to burn away and cooler today. 60 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. all the others on time cloudy at the coast, breezy, mid to upper 50s may make it to 60 around half moon bay brighter around the bay, sunshine by noon. temperatures range from low 70s to low 60s. bright inland by 10:00. cool breezes will reach neighborhoods once we get up to 2,000 feet easy format reason layer to get over the hills.
6:56 am
>> -- better news at bay bridge caltrans saying that accident on the incline has been cleared. you can see the damage is done, traffic very, very slow. not only through the maze, but 80 westbound emeryville area you can see backed now to gilman and beyond into past golden gate fields. accident on the incline section cleared, damage is done if you are approaching from 580 or 880 into the maze very slow. here's a live look at 80 westbound expect major delays the accident now clearing it will be slow for quite sometime approaching to the bay bridge. this is 880, two accidents, northbound and southbound past tennison both blocking two left lanes very slow through hayward. both directions once again two separate accidents there. another accident in vacaville at allison in the clearing
6:57 am
stages. if you are expecting someone 80 westbound from the fairfield vacaville area it is going to take some time. rough commute all the way around. normally, we don't care who reads what, who is going to read this reminder to you? i guess i will. don't forget to cap katie today at 3:00, 50 shades of grey author will appear in a daytime exclusive interview. she will open up about smashing success of her racy book.
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